Why to Take Italian Lessons in London?

As a person who is the national of England and living in London, you may think that why should you waste your time in learning Italian? Well your thought is quite natural and your question is also valid. However there are some reasons which are unknown to the general public. In this article we will … [Read more…]

3 Pakistani universities among world’s top 200

KARACHI: According to new world rankings, seven universities of Pakistan have made it to the list of top 250 Asian universities while three other universities among the top 200 world universities in agriculture and forestry. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), United Kingdom-based universities ranking agency issued the ranking for the year 2013. In accordance to the ranking, … [Read more…]

Policy Making Top Down or Bottom Up

It has been quite a time since the debate between economists and policy makers heated up on the issue of whether development and other policies be coherent with a more systematic and lucid manner of top down strategy or be formed out of a more elastic and community-sensitive bottom up strategy. The two views of … [Read more…]

SIP- Session Initiation Protocol

In this technologically advanced world, being ill-informed of new technologies can cost you and your business. But it is never late to catch up to the new innovative and inventive ideas that have revolutionized our traditional means of communication and networking. One such building block of the newly advanced technologies of communication is SIP- Session … [Read more…]

Elusive quality schooling

THE nostrum that the government should not be engaged in commercial activities like running PIA, Steel Mills, banks, etc is now generally accepted, even though government pervasiveness in several sectors continues unabated. It is argued that the government should vacate these areas for the private sector and instead focus its energies and limited financial and … [Read more…]

Monopoly – The authoritative market structure

A market structure is essentially defined by the variant characteristics of the market in which different number of firms, their production scope and scale, size, level and forms of competition, homogeneity or heterogeneity of product, degree of collusion, ease of access and entry and exit in the market categorizes the form and structure of the … [Read more…]

Comparing Oligopoly and Competition

The capitalist market structure, in which today’s world is rapidly moving into brings with a diverse kind of economic market structure that has different kinds emerging out of the system to operate in a laissez faire or free market economy. The debate between which one these structures is better is an ongoing and to some … [Read more…]

The education apartheid

Pakistan became independent sixty six yearsago yet we are nowhere near achieving universal education. The civil society,charitable institutions, foundations and many individuals are doing verynoteworthy and valuable work. This has however not made any significantprogress in achieving universal education. Recently Imran Khan has beenpropagating the idea of single syllabus for the whole country. This certainlyis … [Read more…]

Alarming state of education in Pakistan

The promotion of girls’ education is the guarantee for having a developed society and an economic boom in the country Education is a global human right and every country has a moral obligation to afford its citizens access to at least a basic one. Sadly, Pakistan’s education system is on the verge of collapse. According … [Read more…]

US Constitution- A Constitution for the Few

Contrast to the common belief, the mighty American Constitution framed in 1787 that is known as one of the most oldest and powerful constitutions of the world, was not entirely formed for the benefits and general welfare of the masses rather it was framed by the influencers of that time who under questionable circumstances and … [Read more…]